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”The Hope SDA church (formerly called Faith SDA) and the Mt. Olive SDA church-- both of which were formed in 1990 are testaments of the hard work of a few who understood that working for God meant winning souls for the Kingdom.”
”Incubators of first Black Adventist church in Canada catalysts for growth that went from five churches to now more than 70 in the GTA alone.”
”Come visit us at our newer and bigger location.”
”We Are Fully Stocked With: Cow Foot - Yams - Ackees - Hard Dough - Dashine - Salt Beef - Fresh Fish - Okras - Sweet Potato - Pig Tails - Goat Meat - Afro Hair Products etc.”
”Calypso Carnival April 7 Will Rock Palace Pier!”
”The Largest Black Owned and Operated Supermarket in Ontario.”
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