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”This was The Wailers 2nd Toronto visit. The first image is the street poster the second is an ad from Share magazine.”
”A Barbadian couple became the latest victim of love recently when they exchanged marriage vows.”
”Harry Belafonte’s explosive popularity in the late 1950s touched off a new craze for calypso-themed music; Hollywood films; West-Indian-inspired ruffled shirts and 'Calypso Cut' hairdos targeted at a mainstream white audience.”
”Next door in the deluxe salon that boasts 22 chairs - 'the largest in North America' according to the proud proprietor.”
"A business that ships cargo from Toronto to the Caribbean. West Indians in the diaspora repurposed old shipping barrels and filled them with household items/ dry goods/ clothing and more for relatives back in the Caribbean. A giant care package from…
”West Indian Bakery and Bake Shop”
”One of the first Jamaican bakeries in Toronto”
”Wigs/ Hair Piece Sold Clean & Styled.”
”Wigs/ Hair Piece Sold Clean & Styled.”
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