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”Marching on through Scarborough, our journey took us to Grace Reform Christian Church, located at 25 Channel Nine Court.”

”On August 1993, the Philadelphia Company was officially recognized by conference administrators and the ministerial secretary as a full-fledged church.”

”Upon the sale of that property in 1991 for the price of $1500000 Grant Church relocated here… to 2029 Gerrard Street East where we continue to serve a multicultural multi-ethnic congregation.”

"Runnymede Presbyterian Church became a full status church known as Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church under the leadership of Pastor Scott and Pastor Ken Campbell. Along with 40 chartered members from Perth Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church."

”The church remained at this location until 1929 when the property was sold and a larger church was purchased at 23 Soho Street.”
”The Hope SDA church (formerly called Faith SDA) and the Mt. Olive SDA church-- both of which were formed in 1990 are testaments of the hard work of a few who understood that working for God meant winning souls for the Kingdom.”

”This church started after the original congregation moved to Albion Road.”

”April 4 1990 was a momentous day for the Maranatha group when the Ontario Conference voted the group as a Church Company with a membership of 29. Full church status was conferred on the group on March 30
”The members met in various rented facilities until the church at 235 Poplar Road was purchased.”
”Incubators of first Black Adventist church in Canada catalysts for growth that went from five churches to now more than 70 in the GTA alone.”
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