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”An all-ages gangster rap extravaganza in the heart of Rexdale in 1992.”

A large music venue at Canada's Wonderland built to attract music fans.

”The Fantastic $5.00 Concert Series - $5.00 Plus Park Admission Ticket. A Great Line-Up of Summer Concerts at a Price That's Music To Your Ears!”
A popular music venue in a Masonic Temple on Yonge Street that featured rock and reggae acts.
A popular music venue inside of a Masonic Temple that featured touring and local rock and soul artists.
a large public square outside of Scarborough Civic Centre.
”This was The Wailers 2nd Toronto visit. The first image is the street poster the second is an ad from Share magazine.”
”Hendrix at CNE Coliseum: 'One of the most exciting performers ever.'”
A venue that features black artists and musicians.
”Louis Armstrong and his All Stars.”
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