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A community hub and meeting place for black immigrants from the African diaspora.

”An all-ages gangster rap extravaganza in the heart of Rexdale in 1992.”

A local shopping mall in the Agincourt neighbourhood of Scarborough.

A large music venue at Canada's Wonderland built to attract music fans.

”The Fantastic $5.00 Concert Series - $5.00 Plus Park Admission Ticket. A Great Line-Up of Summer Concerts at a Price That's Music To Your Ears!”
Jamaicans and other members of the growing black community settled in this area during the sixties and seventies and developed a small business class. Many music stores; grocery stores; bars; beauty salons; barbershops; restaurants and stores…
A popular music venue in a Masonic Temple on Yonge Street that featured rock and reggae acts.
A popular music venue inside of a Masonic Temple that featured touring and local rock and soul artists.
During the eighties, the parade route followed along Bloor Street and Yonge Street and ended at Nathan Phillips Square.
'An honor: Bromley Armstrong and his wife, Marlene, admire plaque presented to him by the Jamaican-Canadian Association at testimonial dinner Saturday. Armstrong was honored for his service to minority groups and his tireless fight against…
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