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During the eighties, the parade route followed along Bloor Street and Yonge Street and ended at Nathan Phillips Square.
”Crowned 'Miss Jamaica-Canadian'; Pat Fletcher (centre) won the beauty queen crown last night at Independence Ball of the Jamaican-Canadian Association.”
a large public square outside of Scarborough Civic Centre.
The seat of government for the City of Scarborough.
Former City Hall for the City of Toronto, converted into municipal courthouse after the new City Hall opened in 1965.
”The British Methodist Episcopal church on Chestnut St. as seen in 1953 around the time the dwindling congregation moved to Shaw Street.”
”In the nineties... the parade route followed along Lake Shore Boulevard from Dufferin Gates to Prince's Gates at Exhibition Place.”
”Located in East Toronto... this mall offers retail space for smaller merchants .”
"The Scarborough Town Centre (STC) is a shopping mall which is also central to the Scarborough City Centre in the district of Scarborough. Opened in 1973 STC became the sixth largest shopping mall in Canada; fourth largest in Ontario and third in…
”a shopping mall and office complex in the middle of downtown Toronto.”
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