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A community hub and meeting place for black immigrants from the African diaspora.

A popular bar and local venue for touring music artists.

”The church remained at this location until 1929 when the property was sold and a larger church was purchased at 23 Soho Street.”
”Harry Belafonte’s explosive popularity in the late 1950s touched off a new craze for calypso-themed music; Hollywood films; West-Indian-inspired ruffled shirts and 'Calypso Cut' hairdos targeted at a mainstream white audience.”
”Part of the Yonge Street strip of bars/ taverns and clubs where musicians played every night.”
”One of the clubs opened during the calypso craze but also a safe space for West Indian people.”
”A landmark for tourists and an entertaining shopping experience for all. Honest Ed's was a one-of-a-kind bargain centre that had everything from wine to twine.”
”A charity organization focused on the black and West Indian community acted as a social gathering space with weekly dances and jam sessions with musicians from the 1920s to the 1940s and offered opportunities to socialize.”
”The Thorntons were active in the local black community and known for their kindness to others who escaped from slavery.”
”Welcome to Blackhurst!”
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