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A popular music venue inside of a Masonic Temple that featured touring and local rock and soul artists.
”Toronto’s first queen of soul Jackie Shane...”
”Hendrix at CNE Coliseum: 'One of the most exciting performers ever.'”
One of the largest salons in Toronto with the most chairs.
”See Fabulous Trinidad Style Carnival Parade!'”
”Tickets Now on Sale At…' - Caribana related events."
”Tickets Now on Sale At…' - Caribana related events."
"The occasional signs of the new black population along Bathurst Street stand out. This store is on Bloor St. near Bathurst: there are also beauty parlors and book stores that obviously cater to blacks; but the community does not open to the street…
”Grand Ball - Canadiana Room Entertainment'”
”Carnival - Steel Bands - Calypso Music - Fruit and Straw Markets - Night Club - Limbo Dancing - Art Exhibitions - Fashion Show'”
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