This database of "Black Toronto" highlights a long history of blackness in the Canadian public sphere. Through (re)creating space and place in the archive, the mapping of “Black Toronto” challenges what it means to be Canadian.

Recently Added Items

Home Service Association

A community hub and meeting place for black immigrants from the African diaspora.

Scooter's Roller World


”An all-ages gangster rap extravaganza in the heart of Rexdale in 1992.”

Agincourt Mall

A local shopping mall in the Agincourt neighbourhood of Scarborough.

Kingswood Music Theatre


A large music venue at Canada's Wonderland built to attract music fans.

Canada's Wonderland


”The Fantastic $5.00 Concert Series - $5.00 Plus Park Admission Ticket. A Great Line-Up of Summer Concerts at a Price That's Music To Your Ears!”