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”Ms. Myrtle Boyce proud owner of CAN CARRI delicatessen stands in front of her new premises...”
”Choice West Indian Groceries Fish and Meats.”
”Live music from reggae to calypso Miss Island Beauty Contest and more...”
”Even the well-established West Indians the ones who haved moved to the suburbs-- the Mississauga millionaires -- have a need to return to the club on Saturday nights...”
”Top quality West Indian food at reasonable prices.”
”We carry the largest stocks of foods from the West-Indies India Africa and South America in Ontario.”
”Next door in the deluxe salon that boasts 22 chairs - 'the largest in North America' according to the proud proprietor.”
”Tasty Cuban and South American Dining.”
”Canadian and Caribbean Cuisine Licensed Tavern.”
”Wigs/ Hair Piece Sold Clean & Styled.”
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