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A local shopping mall in the Agincourt neighbourhood of Scarborough.

A local shopping mall in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood features local small merchants big box stores and office space.
It is the second largest shopping centre in Canada as well as the largest shopping centre in Ontario.
”Located in East Toronto... this mall offers retail space for smaller merchants .”
”The mall opened in 1962 as a plaza and was anchored by a Woolworth's a Steinberg's and a Simpsons.”
"The Scarborough Town Centre (STC) is a shopping mall which is also central to the Scarborough City Centre in the district of Scarborough. Opened in 1973 STC became the sixth largest shopping mall in Canada; fourth largest in Ontario and third in…
"On February 26 1964 shoppers dressed in their Sunday best walked through Yorkdale Shopping Centre for the first time. With over 1.2 million square feet of retail restaurants and services—although not all of them were yet leased on opening…
”a shopping mall and office complex in the middle of downtown Toronto.”
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