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A popular flea market with vendors that catered to the multicultural population of Scarborough.
a large public square outside of Scarborough Civic Centre.
The seat of government for the City of Scarborough.
Former City Hall for the City of Toronto, converted into municipal courthouse after the new City Hall opened in 1965.
Famous for Fine West Indian Foods.
One of the oldest barbershops catering to the Black community in Toronto.
A nightclub that has a tropical aesthetic and features live performances from Reggae and World musicians.
Sam the Record Man was a Canadian record store chain that was Canada's largest music recording retailer.
”One of the first and the most influential newspapers in the Black Toronto community. Many prominient Caribbean-Canadian writers got their start here. ”

”The church remained at this location until 1929 when the property was sold and a larger church was purchased at 23 Soho Street.”
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