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”Restaurant that sells ribs chicken and pizza”
"Beyond the events ' A Different Booklist' became a site for a less tangible kind of community support such as referrals for seniors who couldn't afford taxis to take them to the doctor; young people looking for intellectual resources to support…
“Bathurst subway station was the original hangout. I recall [when] the TTC put up 'No Loitering' signs and had a police presence there to move along the gathering of Black folk. It was natural. Black kids from Central Tech walked to the station after…
"One of the main east-west thoroughfares in Toronto -- a large part of the Black Caribbean community settled in this area. The Annex has attracted many waves of immigrants from Italians/ Jews/ Koreans/ Portugeuse and more. Black people have also…
”Ontario Premier Bill Davis visits Blue Mountain Variety West Indian Food Store in Dovercourt to support PC candidate George Nixon”
”The British Methodist Episcopal church on Chestnut St. as seen in 1953 around the time the dwindling congregation moved to Shaw Street.”
”It was in the 1950’s when the local congregation could no longer maintain its church building at 94 Chestnut Street that they sought and were granted use of the facilities of the Afro-Community Church which was located at 460 Shaw Street.”
”On October 28th 2001 approximately three and a half years after the fire... an opening service took place at its new home.”
”British West Indian Airways (BWIA) announcing the routes to the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago Guyana and Antigua.”
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